2016 / 9 November

Are you an idea Slut?

If you have no clue what that is, GOOGLE IT!

If you said yes, then continue reading(if you said no continue reading either way)

Strategy Pivoted into Results = MVP

What is Minimum viable product(MVP). It’s a product built using a lean approach. The requirements consist of core features to ensure its viability in the market. The is one of the underlying principals in the “Lean Startup Approach.”


“IF YOU BUILD IT, HE WILL COME!” In the world of bring an idea (or service) to market this is not always true. With that said, build it either way to not waste your team or money(Pro-Tip). Your intended audience feedback is pivotal for your products development and validation to continue forward.

For the savvy entrepreneur, technology based or not, this is a necessary pre-requisite.

We all in our minds think we have the next big idea, but do we? We make a lot of assumptions without truly testing our market and revenue potential. How are we to know if our users like our app design, functionality, and usability? How do we know how many subscribers are interested in downloading our app?


Many questions right, well those questions will be answered by doing a quick MVP.


With that said, assumptions will not work. If you believe they will, you might have the winning numbers to the lottery!

For further details on MVPs, checkout the Eric Ries book, “The Lean Startup.”

30 days of testing an idea using a Quick MVP can say you 3 years of wastes time.

Give yourself the competitive advantage by testing many ideas in a short period of time. Agile is the way of the future in project management, let it be your path to Ideation execution.


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