2015 / 12 May

Public Speaking and leadership development

On May 11, I had my first experience with a group I always wanted to be familiar with. That group is Toastmasters International. Might I say that the experience was awesome! Growing up I never had a fear of public speaking however, if a request came in for me to speak, I would not be excited about it. I’m not the best at it. My articulation was not consistent in my delivery. I have improved significantly, however my presentation skills/capturing the audience still needs more work. In future blogs I will write about my journey within the group, including feedback I have received, and the roles of each member. I truly believe being a great speaker is a must for a great leader. Please follow and join me in my quest of personal development. My goal in the near future is to give a Ted-Talk and be a subject matter speaker in my industry/community.

I’ve attached a video of how each session is typically broken down. My first hand experience was a lot more fun and challenging than this video.

Laugh and enjoy every moment of life!



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